Welcome to the on-line locker management system for Semiahmoo Secondary School.

Student accounts have been created for all current students to access the system. To log in, you must enter your STUDENT # and your password. Your STUDENT # can be found on your go-card, timetable or a report card. After entering your STUDENT #, you must enter your password. Your password is your birthday. The format of the password is YYYYMMDD, so if you were born Sept 19, 1976, your password would be '19760919'.

Q)  Are you new to Semiahmoo Secondary, or having trouble logging into the system?  If so, the system might not have your log-in information or your correct STUDENT  # / birthday.  If you have tried logging into the system but cannot, please contact the school so that we can update your information and get you logged in.

Please contact the office at 604-536-2131 if you have any problems with logging in.