[Map of Locker Locations]




Welcome to the on-line locker management system for Semiahmoo Secondary


Please follow these steps to sign up for a locker:

1. Pick a partner! Speak to a student in your own grade that you would like to share a locker with. You will both need to log in separately, but should log in at the same time and communicate with one another to ensure that you select the same locker. If you do not have a preferred person to share a locker with, you will share a locker with another person in your same grade who selects the same locker as you. 

2. To log in, you must enter your  STUDENT NUMBER and your PASSWORD. Your STUDENT NUMBER can be found on your timetable or in your MyED BC portal. Your PASSWORD is your Birthdate in the following format YYYYMMDD. For example, if you were born Jan 2, 2005, your password would be 20050102.

3. After you have logged in, you will see the zones within the school that your grade can select from. Click on the zone that you prefer.  (You can click on the document near the top left side of this page titled "Map of Locker Locations" to see where the lockers are located). 

4. Select a locker that is available. Check the legend for the colour of available lockers.

5.Communicate the locker number immediately with your friend so they can login and select the same one.

**You will not be able to change lockers once you have selected your locker so make sure you communicate the correct locker number with your partner.  If you do not communicate the correct locker number you will share with another student.

**Please note, many Grade 12 students will have their own lockers; however some will need to share due to number of lockers available to all students.


Please contact the office at 604-536-2131 if you have any problems with logging in.